Alma Beach Manor is the perfect place to stay while your on set!


As you well know many people working in the film industry are frequent visitors to Vancouver. With all its beauty and wonder it’s not surprising many movies and shows are filmed here. Looking for that perfect place to unwind after a long day on set? Perhaps you are working in town for an extended duration and would prefer to feel like you are at home verses living out of a hotel for your time here. Alma Beach is the perfect place to call home while you are in Vancouver. This property offers everything you need to make your stay comfortable and convenient. Alma beach is situated in Kitsilano, one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in the city. Kitsilano or “Kits” as the locals call it has everything from trendy cafes and coffee shops to some of the best beaches in North America. If you live an active lifestyle you’re going to love the location, you’re steps away from the beach where you can run or bike for miles and moments away from the largest saltwater pool in North America.

If you are looking for inspiration or a place to be creative you’re definitely going to love Alma Beach. This Character home has just that… Character. Time and again guests stay at Alma Beach as it is a stunning property where beach life meets city life. It’s the perfect place to experience Vancouver.

­­in the smell of the ocean, taking in the picturesque mountain views. One of the best parts about staying at Alma Beach is that you don’t need to take an elevator 28 floors to get a view! If you like the feeling of not being in the city while you are actually in the city look no further. When you want to escape the hustle and bustle and have some downtime you will be glad you chose Alma Beach.