Vancouver beaches are some of the best in the world, boasting soft sand, thrilling mountain-and-city vistas, and lots of chances for outdoor sports and adventure.


You might not associate Vancouver with beaches, but whether you’re looking for a stretch of sand to spread out and relax with a good book, an outdoor court to spike a volleyball, or a catwalk to strut your stuff, you’ll find it here. Stroll along the shores of Jericho, take a dip at Spanish Bank, cheer on volleyball matches at Kitsilano or appreciate the sunset at Second Beach.  There’s a perfect beach for everyone in Vancouver.

Kitsilano Beach.

If Vancouver is “Hollywood North,” then Kitsilano Beach, known as “Kits Beach” to locals, is our Venice Beach. Buff and bronzed bodies are sure to make their rounds, but don’t be worry, you’re sure to fit in somewhere among the mix of joggers, stroller-pushing families, sun-worshippers and your everyday loungers. Grassy patches above the tide line are perfect for tossing the disc, the tennis courts are always popular, and the beach attracts volleyball players from all over the city. And don’t forget Kits Pool where kids and adults can splash away the day in an outdoor, heated salt-water pool with a wrap-around view of the city, ocean and mountains. It’s almost three times the size of an Olympic pool.

Jericho Beach.

Home to the Jericho Sailing Centre–a great spot for a cheap lunch with an amazing view–and Jericho Park, this beautiful beach is ideal for sailing, walking and biking along the park’s pathways, and playing tennis. It’s the perfect place for a sunset stroll.

Jericho Beach is also the venue for July’s annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

Spanish Banks Beach.

Every Vancouverite’s favourite beach, Spanish Banks stretches along the west coast of Vancouver, far from the hubbub of the city’s urban beaches. Perfect for family barbecues, letting the dog run free (in designated zones), and taking long walks, this beloved beach is best in the morning and early afternoon, when low tide lets you walk far out to sea. You’ll also find locals running, biking & walking along the pathways plus rows of beach volleyball courts that are usually packed through the summer.

West End Beaches

The southern edge of the West End neighbourhood has two of the most attractive waterfront urban environments – English Bay and Sunset Beach. Amazingly, this large stretch of sand is no more than a 30- minute walk from most downtown hotels – with no commercial exploitation intruding on the peaceful environment. In summer, English Bay becomes a jumping off point for rollerblading adventures, strolling for ice cream, and picnics. Kids will love the floating slide and parents will appreciate the full time lifeguard. It’s also the place to lay down your blanket and look up to the sky during the Celebration of Light international fireworks competition held over three nights in late July and early August.